NYC Diary Part 1 // Oh The Places You'll Go

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I'm currently in New York City and discovering new places this time! I told myself I would try out new places I've never been (or been once) to since I always go to the same restaurants and cafes. All of the places I've been to have been amazing (food wise) and wanted to recommend some places to go if you're in need of places to try.

1 | Freemans
Amazing place to have brunch but everything on their menu is delicious anytime you go! I love this place because of their homey and warm decor, the stringed lightbulbs and plants welcoming you in.

2 | Morgenstern's Ice Cream Shop
I had their raw milk + green tea pistachio...this is so gooood period. A must try for any ice cream fanatic!

3 | Mokbar
A new spot in Chelsea Market that opened up recently and have gotten raves for their Korean style ramen with a variety of dishes with a twist. Korean fusion with a kick. I shared tteokboki and the classic mokbar classic ramen...yum!

4 | Los Tacos 1
I always passed by this taco place in Chelsea Market but never gave it a chance until my friends told me that this place has one of the best tacos. I had the carne asada taco after Mokbar and wanted to go back for's on top of my list with Taqueria Diana on St. Marks.

5 | Nook
I didn't want to try a new brunch place but heard great things about it so I decided to try it out as long as they offered smoked salmon eggs benedict. Their poached eggs are different

I don't know what it is but it's incredible. It's tiny inside and there's a wait but it's worth it!

6 | Happy Bones
I was told this cafe was tiny and busy so I wasn't planning on going, but passed by it and luckily there was an empty table so I decided to sit down and enjoy some hot chocolate and a doughnut. I've seen bloggers post pictures on Instagram so I've been wanting to check it out and see what the hype was all about. The ambiance and food were on point and for those who are suckers for packaging they sell water in a milk carton!

7 | Paris Baguette
This is a franchise that started in Korea and found its way in the States but I love that their cafe offers a great view of the city (in the Times Square location) and bathrooms. Their green tea cheesecake and iced green tea was a great pick me up! It's a great place for tourists and New York natives who want to rest or catch up with friends and enjoy yummy pastries and drinks. I try to come when I visit because it's my little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

8 | Umami Burger
The truffle burger is hard to beat! Hands down the best burger in town (in my opinion). Even though it is a franchise and started in the West Coast it is unbelievably good. For anyone that loves truffle (like myself) I would recommend the truffle especiale burger and the truffle fries...mmmmm!


Farmers Market is always a treat on the weekend with fresh produce, jam, flowers, you name it. My sister and I picked up a small pumpkin and lavender on the way home!

*I would also recommend Grounded Coffee. My sister had the black tea rose latte and I had the green tea soy's like a taste of heaven. I was hesitant to share this place because it's that amazing and did I mention that it's organic?!

Part 2 of my NYC diary will be up as soon as my trip wraps up but for the meantime check my Instagram and Twitter for my whereabouts and adventures in the city. Feel free to comment below and recommend any other places I should go to during my stay!

Love, Sharon


  1. Where are you staying in the city?

  2. wow your trip looks amazing so far!! some places I would recommend is Little Collins NYC and Minamoto Kitchoan if you're looking for new places to try. can't wait for part 2.....!! hope i run into you on the streets

  3. can't wait for part 2!! also what are some of your favorite shops?

  4. wish i was in nyc! umami burger looks delicious i'm a fan of truffle i will try next time

  5. you should do more of these<3

  6. Wow gorgeous photos ! I love New York you are so lucky to be there!
    Another great place for lunch is the Conrad Hotel in battery park, Their french toast is amazing.