NYC Diary Part 2 // Brunch & Munch

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Greenwich and West Village are places I've strolled around but never really had a chance to look around, but I told myself I would go back once I had the opportunity. I wanted to brunch at Joseph Leonard but the wait was an hour and a half so we decided to go elsewhere. My sister and I walked around to see if there was another place nearby and ended up at Extra Virgin. They had an amazing smoked salmon eggs benedict (I know I say that about almost every place that serves it but it was delicious!) and fresh squeezed orange juice. The weather was amazing and so we sat outside and soaked in the sun and admired the fall foliage while we brunched! Afterwards we walked around Bleecker Street and along the way stopped by Van Leeuwen in Greenwich for a scoop of pistachio and early grey ice cream. The streets were busy with children trick-or-treating with their parents and even dogs were dressed up for the occasion as well. I got to squeeze in a little shopping in SoHo and stopped by Chobani before heading home.

The next day my sister took me to Cup & Cup, a Korean coffee shop and cafe that serves heavenly lattes. We decided to get lunch and ordered bibimbap and green tea and red velvet latte! As tradition we always get macaron with tea or coffee together and catch up so we headed over to Macaron Cafe. They have a variety of flavors to choose from but my favorites are green tea, rose, and honey lavender. Part 3 of my trip will be up next stay tuned!

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Love, Sharon


  1. I love your pictures! They look amazing! :D

  2. It looks FUN and DELICIOUS !
    I mean look at those macarons *.* !!

  3. yummy!! i'll have to try macaron cafe next time i go