NYC Diary Part 3 // Farewell NYC

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This post rounds up the last part of my trip to New York! For the last couple of days I decided to venture out to Brooklyn and familiar places I cherish going to such as Flatiron and Meatpacking. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is always a cool place to go because of the vibrant buildings and laid back vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Here are a list of some places that I would recommend:

1 | Joseph Leonard
Definitely a place you should check out! I would go during the weekday because usually on the weekend there's a long wait. Their avocado toast is amazing with the perfect hint of sea salt that adds a nice crunch to the toast.

2 | Presstea
Great selection of refreshments and food! Their tea is nothing like I've tasted before your tastebuds will thank you later. Next time I want to try their ramenritto!

3 | Friend of a Farmer
A spot tucked in Gramercy that has fresh ingredients which makes this place even better. I had the cobb salad and the bacon is delicious...want to go back just for it!

4 | Maison Kayser
Don't be fooled because it's a franchise they have delicious bakery goods and food! Next time I want to come here for brunch their menu is fantastic.

5 | Bakeri
Adorable bakery in Williamsburg, Brookyn. Had tea and a couple of pastries their lavender shortcake is delicious! A charming place for those who want to take a break in between their stroll for some treats.

6 | Momofuku Milk Bar
Went to the Brooklyn Milk Bar for their cereal milk soft serve (all milk bars carry this) and to pick up the corn cookie! They're known for their crack pie and yummy desserts!

La Bottega

This place was beautiful at night with the outdoor lighting so my sister and I decided to go after Chelsea Market for dinner. We ordered margherita pizza and mussels, the pizza was ok but the mussels and the sweet tart (virgin cocktail) were amazing!

8The Grey Dog
Passed by this place several times but never gave it a chance, but decided to this trip and regret not going there sooner! Have an amazing menu with a variety to choose from, reasonable prices and everyone is super friendly.

9 | Doughnut Plant
Second time coming to Doughnut Plant, not a huge fan of donuts (I prefer ice cream and cupcakes) but they have a variety of donuts to choose from. All of their donuts are fresh and handmade daily, a couple that I want to try next time is green tea matcha and lavender flower. The pumpkin is amazing as well has a nice kick to it!

1 | Artists & Fleas
There are two locations, Chelsea and Brooklyn, with a variety of vendors with products ranging from bath scrubs to vintage jewelry. I purchased danity rings and a pouch before I left, a great place for those looking for something unique and to take a piece of New York.

2 | Catbird
I bought a dainty ring and a ring holder in the shape of a cat (so cute!). Always had a couple of things on my wishlist from catbird and wanted to check it out since I was going to visit Brooklyn. A charming store with jewelry and items, a great place for those that love cats!

3 | Sabon
Found this place while walking around and smelled something delightful while walking to dinner. Stopped by and the sales representative was very helpful and discovered great products that actually work. Huge fan of their body scrub and body butter, the rose tea is a lovely scent without being heavily fragranced.

Love, Sharon


  1. yummmmm brooklyn looks like fun!

  2. lovely photos! you should visit my hometown chicago

  3. catbird is one of my favorite shops so happy to see them getting big!

  4. sabon has an amazing line! trick is to mix it with your favorite body lotion since its a tad bit expensive