Good Vibes Only + TMI Tag

Picked up these pretty, pink roses yesterday from Whole Foods! It's been snowing here on the east coast so I've been staying in and keeping warm with my camp socks from jcrew. In the morning I fixed myself a yogurt bowl with fruits and included kiwi this time, it added a nice touch with honey. I wanted to share a bit more of myself so I answered some questions that I saw on youtube called the "tmi tag".

1 | What are you wearing?
jcrew camp socks + PJs
2 | Any tattoos?
no but i've been debating for the past 3 years if i should get one
3 | Quality you look for in a partner
smile, humor, honesty, and someone who can lead me
4 | Favorite quote
"la vie est belle"
"everything you want is on the other side of fear" - jack canfield
5 | Favorite color
pastel pink, cobalt blue, and black
6 | Favorite dessert?
ice cream/gelato on top of a waffle, anything at chikalicious
7 | Love or career?
right now i would pick career
8 | How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
i want to say...7 minutes but depends
9 | Turn off & Turn on
ignorance | ambitious and passionate people
10 | Last thing that made you cry
american sniper
11 | Fears
spiders, scary movies (anything related to demons or exorcism), and the dark
12 | Favorite beauty products?
lush "i love juicy" shampoo, anastasia brow wiz, bobbi brown concealer, and makeup forever foundation
13 | Book you're currently reading
catcher in the rye
14 | Last person you texted
best friend about plans for this weekend
15 | Favorite food
sushi, smoked salmon eggs benedict, and burgers
16 | Place you want to visit
greece & paris
17 | Favorite piece of jewelry
rose gold ring i got at chelsea market with my sister
18 | Last sport you played
19 | Last song you sang
love me like you do - ellie goulding
20 | Last time you hung out with someone
dinner yesterday with friends
21 | Bands you grew up with
britney spears, n'sync, backstreet boys, and christina aguilera
22 | Something you miss
my childhood
23 | What are your dreams?
have my own home + decor line, t-shirt line, write a book (maybe a children's book) and travel the world

I love doing these little Q & A's, hope it didn't bore you! Have a wonderful week and stay warm :)

Love, Sharon


  1. Of course it didn't bore me! Thank you, I love reading and looking through your blog it gives me inspiration and motivation to actually live and love my life!

  2. La vie est belle is my favorite quote too! And oh my goodness do spiders scare me.

  3. Oooh it didn't bore me at all! Love knowing a little bit of blogger's life I follow :) x

  4. Hi Sharon! Oh no, I enjoy reading your post so much.. Been following and adoring you on Instagram now I also lovin your writing style. It just makes me feel you just being who you are! Keep doing what you are doing... You are awesome!

    xx from Indonesia :)

  5. thank you so much your comment made my day :) x

  6. aw thank you! :)

  7. spiders are the worst!

  8. thank you katherine for the sweet comment :) x

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