Hello Goodbye

First month of 2015 is already over! January started off as a rough month but somehow everything worked out. I kept one of my new years resolutions so far, to change my lifestyle and love my body through diet and exercise. I'm not a fan of wheat bread but tweaked my food choices for healthier options like this avocado toast, I like how I can't taste the wheat once I season it and top it off with a boiled egg. On another note Superbowl is tomorrow! I'm not sure who to cheer for yet but I'm excited for some pizza and wings (sunday is my cheat day)! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Love, Sharon


  1. Haha, the weekends are my cheat day, where I can relax and EAT!!! ;) Your avocado toast looks delish! And your flowers look so pretty!


  2. thank you :) x
    weekends = cheat day!