Loungin' Around

These days I've been a homebody because of the blistering wind and chilly weather. What I love the most about staying in is that I can wear my sweats and oversized pullover and have zero makeup on. These days I've been obsessed with bralettes, the ones pictured above are from honeydew x madewell and triangl (currently unavailable). I've also been a fan of VS Pink underwear it has a sporty look and I stocked up when they were having a sale during Christmas.

In the mornings I like to start my day light with a mix of greek yogurt, honey, and fruits. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast but I'm a sucker for McDonald's sausage egg sandwiches...it's so bad but so good. I've been trying to eat healthier and snack on fruits throughout the day. My recent go to fruits have been pomegranate seeds and berries! I'm also starting bikram yoga soon I'm excited but at the same time anxious, last time I went I was sore for 2 weeks. Hope everyone stays warm!

Love, Sharon


  1. I started reading "I like to start my day light with a mix of greek yogurt, honey, and fruits," and thought, "WOW you live such a healthy, fresh lifestyle! I want to do that," and then I kept reading and almost laughed out loud when I saw, "but I'm a sucker for McDonald's." I would have laughed out loud but I'm in the library hahah. I feel ya. I either eat the healthiest meals or greasiest meals, no in-between. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Ive been obsessed with bralettes, so comfy and cute.


  3. Yay, I love how you're posting a lot. Your pictures are very pretty! Keep it up <3


  4. Thank you Katherine! I love your cupcake post I might make some myself :)

  5. HAHA I laughed out loud reading your comment! I wish I was healthy...but I'm not. Just taking it one day at a time... :)