Where are you sunshine? It's almost March and it's still snowing. I switched up my morning fruits from berries to citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerine, and blood orange. In the morning I got in the habit of drinking lemon water because of the health benefits my mom's been raving about. As you can tell on my instagram I've been slowly incorporating food in my posts and opened a food instagram. Sometimes it gets repetitive and I feel uninspired when posting styled outfits every day so I wanted to explore another passion of mine - food.

Here are some instagram food accounts that make me drool and inspired:
  1. Anastasia - beautiful photos! love that she also loves flowers as much as I do
  2. Marina - everything from tasty donuts to pretty, pink peonies
  3. Maja Vase - want to eat diet?!
  4. Vickie Liu - amazing and so creative. makes me want to get into baking
  5. Adrianna Adarme - gives me a homey vibe when looking through her photos

Love, Sharon


  1. Wow, these look awesome! what types of citrus fruits are these? Beautiful pics too!

  2. blood orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit :)

  3. wooow, realy like your "fresh" pic :D