April Favorites

It's already the end of the month! Thought I would share some of my April favorites that put a smile on my face :)
one // my friend dropped off a card and yellow tulips for me when I said I was sick :) thanks!
two // love making berry smoothies in the morning! my favorite mix is blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry
three // fresh kicks = good day. bought another pair of nike roshe's because they're so comfy and casual to wear everywhere
four // past couple of weeks I've been obsessed with green grapes - perfect mid day snack

What are your April favorites? Can't wait for May!

Love, Sharon


  1. You take such lovely photos, they all look so professional! Really like your shoes, they look so comfy and look like you can wear them with pretty much anything.


  2. thank you diana :) and yes nike roshes are so comfy!

  3. Hi Sharon, i so adore your style! One of my fave Blogs and insta Accounts it World be so great of you told me more about those glasses! Best wishes from Germany, Steffi

  4. glasses are from michael kors :)

    1. Hi Sharon, i so adore those glasses, but i cannot find them anywhere. is there maybe a name or number on the frame so i can google that? Thank you so much! Best, Tony

  5. Hi Sharon, I just discovered your blog through Instagram and I love reading your blog! Very beautiful and inspiring! :)