Spring In Full Bloom

Weather has been in the 70's and I cant complain, I've been loving the sun and spring breeze. I switched up my routine and have been exercising outside ever since the weather warmed up! Over the weekend my sister came for Easter and we got to catch up over brunch at Le Pain with our mom. She brought delicious donuts from NYC that I've heard amazing things about, Dough Donuts. I'll be visiting New York in a couple of weeks and can't wait to go back and explore some places in Brooklyn I've never been to yet. Any recommendations?

Love, Sharon


  1. I love the pictures. I would love to see some of the workouts you do! That would be really helpful!


  2. Loving the pinks + purples! Brooklyn is always fun. I normally just find random spots :)


  3. I've been doing lots of squats and lunges with a mix of cardio! I'll try to have a post up on my fitness routine soon :)

  4. Brooklyn is always a fun place to visit, I love how it's not as crowded as manhattan :)