Beat The Heat

The weather has been hot, humid, and drizzly the past couple of weeks so I've been staying cool with fresh fruit at home. I got a wake up call from the doctor to change my lifestyle and make smarter choices so. My doctor suggested that I try cooking at home instead of going out, which I am guilty of. Here are a few suggestions for those looking for healthier snack alternatives!
  1. Reach for fruits (nature's natural sweets) instead of cookies and processed sweets
  2. Make your own pops with fresh & minimal ingredients from home and skip the ice cream aisle
  3. Refresh your thirst with green tea! I've been drinking iced green tea everyday and add sliced lemons for an extra zest. But make sure you don't drink it at night unless it's decaf, I couldn't sleep until 4am because I drank 2 cups before bedtime.
  4. Everything is about balance - overeating on fruits (I'm guilty) isn't good either but cutting processed food like cookies and sweets will improve your over health, emotionally and physically. But don't beat yourself up if you have an occasional ice cream or chocolate chip cookie :)

Love, Sharon


  1. I love the ice cream pops, they look so cute! And yes, everything needs to have balance!

  2. I love fruits! But sometimes I don't eat them as often as I should because I'm too lazy to prepare them. There was a period of time when I would cut up all my fruits and place them in the fridge in Tupperware so that whenever I wanted to eat it, I could just scoop some out into a bowl. You lose the freshness though, so cutting up too much fruit at one time isn't good either. As for ice-cream, you can make your own by blending banana and other choice fruits, and then putting it in the fridge to harden into a more cream-like texture :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's