Seven Things

  1. Who knew there was a day dedicated to donuts? Had the most delicious donuts on donut day, my favorite was the strawberry donut.
  2. Picked up two bunches of peonies from Trader Joes, a nice way to start the week!
  3. Went to a botanical garden with my sister and mom over the weekend and fell in love with the rose garden.
  4. Love a good salad from sweetgreen.
  5. The Apartment by the Line was on top of my list to visit when I was in NYC and I'm glad I did! The space was dreamy and filled with decor inspiration - now if only I could afford everything.
  6. My sister introduced me to this grapefruit ginger juice - let's just say the packaging makes up for the taste, but there's a crisp, tangy feel that keeps you addicted.
  7. There's something satisfying about picking out my outfit, and flat lays bring my imagination to life.

Love, Sharon


  1. Love your outfit! Haha the US has the most interesting national days :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Where are your overalls from? Vintage? I'm looking for a pair high and low!

  3. Hi, I love your pouch, what's the brand of it ? :)