Taste of Summer

I used coconut water as my base and added fresh fruits and edible flowers to make these ice pops! Just freeze them overnight and they're ready to enjoy in the morning :)

I also made an avocado & honey dew smoothie!
First time making this smoothie and it turned out delicious.
What you need: half an avocado, 1/2 cup of almond milk, sliced honeydew, 1 frozen banana, and blender
1. Put all the ingredients inside the blender and blend everything for about 30 seconds - check to see if it's the consistency you like. If not, blend until you're happy with the consistency.
2. Pour everything into a cup and enjoy! Put ice cubes in if you want to serve the smoothie chilled.
3. Voila, enjoy!

What are some of your summer favorites?

Love, Sharon


  1. Need to try this smoothie, it's quite an unusual combination! And I love these ice pops, such a cool idea to add edible flowers! :)


  2. I really need to try that smoothie! I also want to try the pops!


  3. Hey there, from one blogger to another, which website did you get your title font from? I've been looking for a good handwritten font and I just cant find the right one :( but if you'd rather not say that's ok! I love your recipe and I adore your blogs instagram too!

    - Eden :)