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Love decorating bits of my room and changing it up! So happy fall is finally here - wish it could be fall forever. I recently bought a macbook skin since my case broke and love the marble trend that's going on. Another recent purchase is le sac en papier that I'm planning to use to hold my magazines I've collected over the years. Oh and I've been asked where I got my white rug, I purchased it from target a year ago. Toby seems to love it as well because he's been biting and leaving his mark on it. Hope everyone has a great week and September seems to have already flown by!

Love, Sharon


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I'm getting ready to post about fall, too (even though we barely get a "fall" in Florida). Love your style, girl!! Been following you on IG for a while, love it!

  2. loved the pic you posted on your IG today. would love to see more of your room/house! beautiful pics and styling. can i ask what you do for a living? :)