Recipe For Happiness

A bit bummed I couldn't attend NYFW this year because of prior commitments, especially Carolina Herrera's show. Spring 2016 line looked amazing - my dream wardrobe! And did I mention the collection is centered around pink? Every piece is on my wish list! But on another note...

Happiness is a lifetime journey since it's intangible, but through the ups and downs I've learned a couple of things that makes me happy.

one // do at least one thing for yourself everyday - Life passes by and sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. Making time for yourself like waking up 10 minutes earlier to fix breakfast for yourself can put you in a good mood in the morning.  two // find what you're passionate about - I have a bad habit of jumping from things to things, never consistent. My problem is that I get tired of things quickly...I think instagram has been my longest hobby to date. Somehow I've found my passion for photography and styling that it never felt like work, yes there's pressure to post a photo everyday but as cliche as it sounds - when you find something you love it doesn't feel like work. three // remove negativity from your life - As hard as it is you have to cut negative people from your life who can be toxic. I've been put down by people who I called friends, but you can't let those words stop you from dreaming and achieving what you want in life. Only person stopping you is yourself. Religion, family, and friends are also a huge part of my happiness. Materialistic things are only temporary happiness, nothing can compare spending time with loved ones. Knowing that I have a purpose and that there is a reason for everything makes me have hope and looking forward to the future. What makes you happy? 


  1. You have amazing photos and tips! I really need to find some passion too. I always am never consistent, and I spend way too much time on instagram!

    1. same here...I spend too much time on instagram haha

  2. I totally agree with what you said about giving yourself time in the morning... It definitely helps set the day in a positive direction from the get go. ❤️
    I also jump from one thing to the next quickly and IG has to be the 1 thing I've done the longest. 🙈😂 LOL
    Just stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to tell you that I think you rock!! 😘 xx

  3. I just have started your blog,but in fact your blog makes me happy :)