On The Rack

I was inspired to redesign my room while flipping through magazines and scrolling through pinterest. I've always been interested in interior designing after moving from house to house and learning to utilize the space given. Toby got agitated from the noise I was making while rearranging my room and woke up from his nap (which is why he's barking at me in the picture). You can also see snippets of my room through my instagram for those for that have been asking for a peek into my bedroom.

Love, Sharon


  1. Always love your white, minimalist photography and amazing styling!

  2. Toby is so adorable! xx

  3. I came from your Instagram account and love how minimalist you are! Your room looks great, by the way.

    <3 Trou

  4. Your room is sooo perfect and I love peeking at you Instagram and your blog so I can get some inspiration for my own room!! Thankyou so much xxx