November Favorites & New Skincare Routine

November is almost over...December is just around the corner! Before the month is over I wanted to share some of my November favorites, including my new skincare routine!

Favorites of this month:
+  purple roses (my mom's favorite)
+ new bag! alexander wang emile satchel
+ faux fur vest
+ staying in bed and sleeping in
+ the little book of skincare by charlotte cho

Skincare routine:
I've been having a lot of skin issues lately which have been related to my food allergies, but after changing my diet (again!) and through trial and error I found products that suit my skin! Not all skincare products fit my asian skin tone and I thought I would give it a try and switch over to all Korean products. I've used Korean products before but it was always easier for me to go into a nearby drugstore or Sephora and never thought there was any difference in the products I used. 

Here are some new additions to my skincare routine:
+ face masks & sheet masks (2-3x a week)
+ neogen foam face wash: green tea - gently and great for all skin types
+ son & park: beauty water & beauty gel - amazing line! 
+ neogen bio-peel gauze peeling wine - new favorite of mine! gently exfoliates and smells amazing (reminds me of those korean grape candies)
+ maycoop: raw sauce & moisturizer - love this line! one of my new favorite line as well
+ klairs: vitamin c serum - add a drop or two into my moisturizer and helped even out my skin tone and help with pigmentation/acne scars

*skincare is about trial and error, these are my recommendations and favorites but please don't purchase anything on a whim. read ingredients and see what works for you - what works for me may not work for you :) 

Any new skincare products you've been loving?

Love, Sharon