The Pink Diary X Studio Ink

Snail mail always puts a smile on my face. Nothing can replace hand written cards as there’s something sentimental and thoughtful about it. We’re living in a fast paced environment where you can send a text or email in an instant, but I love it when I receive hand written notes and cards. It makes me feel special because it shows that someone sets apart their time and took a moment from their day to write me a card. I must say though I’m pretty picky when picking out cards and look for designs that reflect someone’s personality or vibe. I always have trouble looking for the perfect card for a friend’s birthday or a special occasion. Hallmark’s line, Studio Ink, gets me and their designs are fun and adorable! I chose these cards above because they match my personality and are cards I would give to friends and family. I love designs that are simple and have a fun personality to them. What’s cool about Studio Ink is that the collections are always evolving so there’s always something different when you pop in to pick up a card. Each card is curated by various artists so there’s a card for everyone! Happy card shopping, I’ll be popping into Hallmark this holiday season to pick up cards for family and friends - and, you can shop Studio Ink online here!

Love, Sharon


  1. Last year was my first year of college. I bought postcards for all my friends in August but didn't end up sending them out until May :P By that time they had forgotten that I had meant to send them postcards, so it was a pleasant surprise for them :) Also, this year I'm planning to mail out a few Christmas cards for the first time! It's so cute how you matched your breakfast/snacks with the cards :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Hi! Love your blog! :)
    Question: where have you bought the cute plate with the golden dots?