Five Things

Hope those on the east coast are done dealing with the aftermath of the winter storm Jonas. I spent three days shoveling snow because it snowed about 32 inches but hopefully that helped tone my arms. Probably not because I spent four days in my room munching away and binging on movies, but I also finished reading HONY so I guess I was semi-productive. But...these are the five things that I'm loving this week! One I recently bought a juicer and am so happy that I don't have to pay $6+ for a juice anymore and can make it at home instead. I've been testing out recipes and so far love the green juice the best. I mixed apple, kale, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, and lemon - so good. Two I also bought a new desk for my small space since my other desk was taking up almost half of my room. Best decision ever. Three Obviously flowers brighten up any day and these roses and ranunculus are no exception. Four I walked into Madewell because they were having a sale and found the coziest grey coat! Five I bought a heart waffle maker and made waffles and juice to share with my dad. Second best purchase after my new desk.

Love, Sharon


  1. You photos just get better and better every time, everything is so clean and crisp!


  2. hi sharon! just wondering if you use any filters for your instagram photos? would you consider doing a tutorial? :-)

    1. hello! yes here's link to my instagram tips which includes the apps and filters I use:

  3. love the photos;they have a god quality <3

  4. Where did you purchase your desk?

  5. I love your instagram+ blog so cute keep it up!