Take Me To The Beach

Finally! Booked my first trip of the year and can't wait to go next month!! It's already in the low 20s here and while I'd rather be cold than hot...I don't think it's a bad idea to get away for a bit. Ordered a couple of swimsuits and sunnies for the trip! I didn't travel out of the U.S. since Panama when I was in highschool so this year (hopefully!) will be filled with new memories abroad. I'm planning to buy a gopro to document my trip, and if anybody has any recommendations on a waterproof iphone case for taking underwater photos please let me know! 

Love, Sharon


  1. They have them at phone stores usually. I love you Sharon!!!

  2. Hi Sharon! I am wondering where did you purchase your PS 11 mini? Love that bag! It looks so nice..I have been trying to search for some deal on that bag but no luck. Let me know your thoughts! Thank you. xoxo

    1. hello! i purchased it online (available online and in store) i'm not sure if there's any sales right now, but i would recommend checking shopstyle.com. they give an update if there's a sale :) good luck! xx