February Five

ONE // I found myself making strawberry smoothie bowls instead of my the usual acai bowl to fit the love theme of February. Really easy to make, I just use frozen bananas and strawberries for a thick consistency and almond milk topped with fresh fruits.
TWO // My best friend got me pink roses<3 Thanks Soo!
THREE // All about comfort. February's weather has been nothing but cold and I gravitate towards sweaters and (stretchy) jeans to keep myself warm. 
FOUR // Buckets of tulips at Whole Foods post-Valentine's Day. 
FIVE // My workplace isn't clean on a daily basis and decided to finally clean it while looking for papers to do my tax returns. Ta-da, clean!

Off to my tropical destination soon! Will update with photos from my trip :) 

Love, Sharon


  1. I also like making starwberry smoothie bowls, they're my fave! Also, I'm in love with your workplace!


  2. Looks awesome! The tulips look so pretty :)

    xx closetchronicle.blogspot.com