Birthday In New York

I spent my birthday in New York with a few of my close friends this past week and had an amazing time! I always tell my friends I'm sick of New York since I visit often, but I always end up falling back in love with the city. I have a few cafes and places I always visit when I go to New York which never fails to put a smile on my face. Finally after multiple (failed) attempts to go to the Brooklyn Bridge I finally made it! Brooklyn is one of my favorite places and I love that it's laid back and not as busy as Manhattan. As you can tell I spent most of my trip I thought I would share some of my favorite places:
Eats & Drinks
Two Hands: best acai bowls
Joe's Shanghai: stop here for soup dumplings and general tso
Bluestone Lane: brunch here their avocado toast is amazing
Sweatshop: adorable cafe in brooklyn
Cup & Cup: best latte art I've seen and they use coffee from La Colombe (my favorite)
Sweet Chick: amazing chicken & waffles
Bibble & Sip: recommend their cream puffs (early grey & matcha) as well as their coffee
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: amazing flavors and they have vegan ice cream (so gooood)
Maman: amazing selection of bakery and coffee here is amazing as well
Hide-Chan: my favorite ramen spot

Madison Avenue: great places to shop on the upper east side and quieter than SoHo
SoHo: they have everything here from Zara to Chanel
Columbus Circle: love that they have Whole Foods on the bottom floor
Muji: japanese shop that sells stationary, clothes, and home goods

Places to Visit
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park
Flatiron Building (my happy place)
Greenwich, NY (where Chalait and Bluestone is located, lots of good places to eat)

Love, Sharon


  1. Hope you had a lovely Birthday Sharon, thanks for sharing your NY snaps. I'm going there next month, so this post has got me even more excited!! I saw your 'Dumbo' shot on insta, is it easy to get to that part of Brooklyn?

    I'm staying in the Flatiron District :D

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. hello hanh! sorry for the late reply but it's not that hard to get to dumbo, brooklyn it's right across the entrance of the brooklyn bridge :) ah flatiron is the best hope you have lots of fun - make sure to eat a scoop of gelato from eataly and shake shack!

  2. gorgeous pictures! i hope you had a fab time!


  3. I'm going to New York for my birthday too! Looks like you had such a great time!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  4. Oh man how refreshing it is not to see Times Square, Statue of Liberty, etc... on the places to visit list, and to see Brooklyn make a feature so much! As a New Yorker, I appreciate your suggestions, and am learning of new places as well that I now want to go check out!

    Coline | Conflicted Beauty

    1. thank you coline :) yes brooklyn is such a sight love how laid back it is compared to manhattan

  5. I spent my birthday in New York as well! I did New York as a New Yorker and highlighted lots of great places in my blog as well, bluestone lane cafe in Greenwich village was one (those pumpkin pancakes) and the spotted pig round the corner. Good post X

    1. ah i've always wanted to go to spotted pig and happy birthday to you<3

  6. amazing pictures <3 abd happy birthday even if it's too late

  7. Dear Sharon, where could I get your cap?

    Thank you <3

    1. hi amanda! i think i purchased the nyc hat in foot locker (nyc) :)