March Favorites

AH March is already coming to an end. I feel like 2016 has already been off to a great start and am so excited for the many adventures ahead! Already have some trips lined up for the fall and can't wait to start planning :) But here are some of my March favorites:

Spending mornings with Toby and now that the weather warmed up he loves taking walks outside.

Took the plunge and bought myself my first Celine.

NYC trip with my close friends. One tip for packing is to take a picture of a flat lay of your outfit or what you're bringing so you can imagine your outfits ahead of time. Usually I'll just bring only one or two pair of jeans and match it with my top to save space in my luggage. 

I found a skincare routine that I love. I converted my entire skin care line to mostly Korean products, but I'll have some items like my Korres moisturizer and Fresh products. I've also been using Oribe products for my hair and they smell amazing. 

Went to SoulCycle for the first time and it was pretty amazing, will be signing up for classes! Wayne the instructor was fun to work out with and I loved his playlist. My thighs were burning but it was worth it. 

Popsicles! They're actually pretty easy to make...will have a blog post soon :) 

My friends know me best. Whole Foods is my second home. Same with Target, Trader Joe's and Costco. 

Pretty pink birthday roses. Thank you to my family and friends who make me feel special love you guys-you know who you are! xx

Love, Sharon


  1. Soul Cycle sounds amazing and definitely something I want to try! xx

  2. Flatlays are amazing, and love pretty pink roses. X