Life In Photos // April

The weather has been warming up which means peony season is near - probably what I most look forward to in the summer. It's been warm enough to wear shorts and tanks lately but I've been opting for rompers and dresses instead. I also have been slowly cutting off dairy the past couple of months which was really difficult since everything I like is dairy based, but hey - vegan cupcakes from Sprinkles is pretty amazing. Whole Foods also has a great selection of diary free items so it hasn't been too difficult, just finding almond milk yogurt in stock has been hard. Another month is almost over, but hope everyone's been enjoying the warmer weather :)

Love, Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon!

    I have recently read your post about how you pick your flowers at whole foods/trader joes. Do those places wrap the flowers in the brown paper and bow like you have in the photo up above?

    I really love your Instagram and website. Your whole life in photos is aesthetically pleasing. Keep up the great work!


    1. hello vi :)
      the roses at trader joes has the roses wrapped in brown flowers - i just place a bow on them xx

  2. Hi��
    I am in love with your photos �� ,you're such a great inspiration ✨ for me so I wanted to ask you which app's and filters you use to brighten your photos.
    You would help me a lot with your answer ��

  3. I love the teapot by your bedside and the glass milk carton as well! / Oh gosh, the hardest part about going vegan for me would be the dairy as well. Cheese!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Who makes the handbag in the first photo?? It looks like a cross between a Balenciaga and a Celine! Bertie

  5. Hi! I was wondering where you got that white desk? Your posts are GORGEOUS. So inspiring. Thanks!

  6. Hi! Where do you get the date diaries from?