My Dirty Little Secret

My dirty secret is that sometimes I fall asleep wearing makeup. Luckily there’s help if that happens! Thanks to Bioré’s new Baking Soda products, my skin feels clean and refreshed again in the morning. Everyone has those days where they end up falling asleep without washing their face right? I know I’m guilty of it from time to time! I’ve been a fan of Bioré ever since I came across their pore strips (which I still use even today). I popped into my local drugstore and picked up their new baking soda line – which consists of a daily liquid cleanser and a powder scrub – after I saw the rave reviews online (I always make sure to read reviews before purchasing anything). I like my face to feel refreshed and clean after washing, and this one fits the bill. One tip I would like to suggest is that when using the cleanser work it into a foam and apply it to your skin in a circular motion. As for the scrub I like to use it once or twice a week depending if I feel like I need an extra deep clean. The products are also pH balanced and my super sensitive skin didn’t have any issues – yay! Let me know if you’ve tried the products yourself!

This post was in collaboration with Bioré.

Love, Sharon


  1. I'll try Biore after I finish my current product. Don't think I've ever purchased anything by Biore. Do Biore pore strips really work? How often do you use them?



    1. yes! biore pore strips are pretty amazing I use it 1x a week or whenever I feel like I need it. you just wet your nose and place the pore strip over and wait about 10 min or so :)