Hello San Francisco

I got back from my California trip a couple of days ago and am editing my LA photos, but I thought I would share my San Francisco trip first. My oh my, I couldn't feel my legs after walking around everywhere in San Francisco but it was worth it. I wandered around the streets admiring the beautiful, colorful homes lined up on the streets. San Francisco's food scene is pretty amazing - they're vegan friendly and amazing coffee. I have a dairy allergy so I was excited that there were plenty of dairy free options. It wasn't too difficult to find good coffee, a few favorites are reveille coffee and sightglass coffee. I only had two full days in San Francisco so I tried to see and eat as much as I could during my short time there. 

Here's my itinerary of what I did day one and two:

Day One:
-Ate at poki time for dinner. They gave a generous amount and it was everything I imagined it to be. Did not disappoint for my first meal in San Francisco. 
-Walked around the airbnb place I was staying at and shared some bites with my sister at izakaya sozai

Day Two:
-Woke up early and went to sightglass coffee to fuel up for the day. Amazing coffee.
-Explored Mission Street Murals. Beautiful murals, I would definitely recommend going and admiring the murals that goes on for a couple of blocks. I went to Balmy Street first and worked my way around Missions. 
-Had lunch at kitchen story. Probably the best thing I ate in San Francisco, amazing food! I had the belly rancheros...I dream about it sometimes. 
-Walked over to see the Painted Ladies. To be honest it was a bit underwhelming, but beautiful nonetheless. One of the most photographed locations in San Francisco.
-Walked to Boba Guys because my sister is obsessed with boba. Not going to lie...it was pretty good. I had the rose black tea and my sister had the matcha latte. Loved this place because they offered almond milk in our drinks.
-Walked to Union Square. The Apple store there is amazing you have to see it for yourself. I charged my phone and used their laptop to see what was around and to plan for the next day.
-Walked to Chinatown since it was close to Union Square. Had dumplings and walked around Chinatown before stopping for coffee.
-Coffee at reveille coffee. Pretty darn good coffee.
-Went to zero zero for dinner with my friend Sam. Loved the food there had the calamari and marinara pizza. 
-Walked over to Samovar Tea, a beautiful tea lounge. Had some tea with my friend Sam and my sister before calling it a night.

Day three and four will be up shortly!

Love, Sharon


  1. Ahh, seeing this post made me miss my recent trip to SF especially since I went to almost all the same spots! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I haven't been to SF for a while now, these pictures are gorgeous! I'm so curious about Boba Guys, sounds delicious. x


  3. Stunning shots! I still need to visit San Francisco, such a beautiful city! xo


  4. Everything looks so good! Love the pics too. :)