The Bay Area

As promised here's my photos from days three and four of San Francisco! Day three was a bit more jam packed since it was my last full day in San Francisco, and day four was spent at the Ferry Building.Here's my schedule for day three and four:
Day Three:
-Started the day with coffee at home. Loved the adorable, homey interior. Great customer service and delicious coffee! I had the hazelnut coffee and my sister had the lavendar latte. I would recommend trying their coffee and toasts (they had rave reviews on their toasts).
-Headed over to Outerlands for breakfast before heading to the Golden Gate Bridge. Had their strawberry almond butter toast - one word: perfection. Perfect amount of crunch.
-Took lyft to get across to the Golden Gate Bridge. Asked the driver to drop us off at Vista Point to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and walked across the bridge. We were going to rent a bike but decided to walk instead. What a beautiful sight - I would recommend getting to the top of Vista Point to get an awesome view.
-I wasn't planning on going to Lombard Street, but I read some news articles that said there were going to be some changes to the touristy spot since it's becoming a huge issue for the homeowners. It's dubbed the "most crooked street" in SF and is worth going at least once. You can see the view of SF from the top and the homes are beautiful. I can see why homeowners are upset though, there are hundreds of people there taking photos and blocking the road. It's chaos.
-I was getting hungry so we went to Fisherman's Wharf and spotted In-N-Out! You don't go to Cali and not get In-N-Out. To be honest, the first time I had In-N-Out I was underwhelmed, but this time around it was amazing. 
-Walked around Fisherman's Wharf and ate some calimari and fish and chips before heading to Boudin Bakery. I charged my phone and headed to dinner to meet my friends.
-Dinner at Osha Thai, supposedly it Ayesha Curry's favorite spot? Shared good food with my friends Esther and James before walking to the Ferry Building. 
-Spent rest of the night hanging out with my friends and taking photos before heading to La Taqueria to see what the buzz was about. I was pretty full so I only had half of the burrito, but ok fine it was good. 

Day Four:
-Woke up early to go to the Ferry Building since I heard they have a farmers market on the weekends. Thanks everyone for the recommendation! Probably the best farmers market I went to. Had sightglass coffee to keep me awake since I slept late.
-Discovered the best donuts at the Ferry Buildling. This sweet man sells donuts right inside the entrance of the Ferry Building, sooooo good. More than a dozen flavors to choose from and they are delicious. Definitely recommend buying some if you're there!
-Bought some strawberries, pears, and peaches at the farmers market before heading back to our airbnb.
-Headed to SFO to head to LAX.

Hope this gave you an idea of what to do or see while in San Francisco! I didn't get to see everything that I had on my list, but I recommend planning ahead unlike me. My LA trip will be up as done as I'm finished editing :) Happy Friday!

Love, Sharon


  1. Ah!!! The pictures of the fog over the Golden Gate Bridge is absolute perfection. <3