Sunday In The City of Angels

Sadly I didn't take any photos of Little Tokyo from my first night in LA. Little Tokyo is probably one of my favorite places in LA! Such a cute and fun spot to go to, especially at night where there's a public karaoke outside. But luckily when I was in LA last Sunday, Smorgasburg was taking place! Smorgasburg is only on Sundays and I was excited to try out some of the best eats in LA. I've been to Smorgasburg a couple of times in NYC and wanted to see how LA compared to New York. I wanted to try Amazebowls and other food vendors after seeing them on instagram. I got to Smorgasburg right when they opened and first got some tacos before picking up some acai bowls. I went around to a couple of food vendors with my sister before our stomachs couldn't take in any more food. We went back to our airbnb and rested for a bit before heading out to Koreatown. We heard Koreatown is huge, unlike NYC where it's only about a block. We first stopped by Alchemist for coffee, a lovely cafe with a cool, modern interior. After walking around Koreatown and shopping for some beauty products we headed to Quarters for Korean BBQ. It was between Quarters or Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, but ended at Quarters because they already have KHD in the east coast. Thanks Gina for the recommendation! After spending a couple of hours walking around and shopping we decided to head to the Griffith Observatory. Sadly, we were stuck in traffic for almost an hour so we missed the sunset, but the view from up top is breathtaking. I would go back in a heartbeat - what a sight. You can see a stunning view of LA from the observatory and also see the stars from the telescopes. LA you have my heart.Part two of my trip from LA will be up soon!

Love, Sharon


  1. You should come back to LA soon! And I have to visit the Griffith Observatory soon too, since the last time I went there was three years ago.

  2. L.A is so fun! I love going there. :)