Must Haves When Traveling

Happy Friday! I wanted to share what I take with me when traveling. Key is to always pack light! For long flights, a good book or head phones are always a must when traveling. I'm currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, halfway there but I recommend watching the movie if you haven't yet! Below is a list of some items I bring when traveling.
What I pack when traveling:
-A good book or headphones. Pictured above are wireless bluetooth headphones by Sudio Sweden.
-Hand cream, pictured above is Aesop but current favorite is Avene. My hands get really dry during the fall and winter time so I always make sure to keep my hands moisturized.
-Watches! I like to match my watches with my outfit :) Pictured above are watches from Daniel Wellington and Cluse. I also bring a jewelry holder, the macaron jewelry holder pictured above is from UO
-Card holder. I like to carry around card holders since wallets take up too much space. The one pictured above is from Louis Vuitton. Other favorites are from APC and Comme des Garcons
-Polaroid. I like to take snapshots when traveling. I didn't bring a polaroid with me when I was in Paris but am planning to take it with me on my next adventure. The one pictured above is from FujiFilm. I also like to bring bits of home with me when traveling so sometimes I'll bring my favorite polaroids with friends and family. 
-Crossbody bag. I've never been a huge fan of one until I bought a crossbody and realized how much it can actually hold. It's perfect when traveling! Pictured above is from Proenza Schouler
-Sneakers. Comfort is everything for me, you can have style and comfort - you don't have to give up one for the other. Comfiest sneakers I own are from Sezane, but my Adidas x Stan Smith sneakers and Nike are also my favorites as well. 
-Sunglasses. It's important to protect your eyes! I always make sure to put on eye cream and sunscreen before I leave the house. 
-My current go-to foundation is the Nars skin tint, it has SPF 30 and keeps my skin matte when traveling. 
-Water. It's so important to stay hydrated while traveling because flying can dry out your skin and be the cause of breakouts. Always make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

What are some of your must haves when traveling?

Love, Sharon


  1. This is so helpful!

  2. Great tips! I agree that packing light is essential. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. These are my essentials whilst traveling too! I also keep baby oil to moisturize myself during the flight, really does wonders! x