Paris Mon Amour

Ah - Versailles, truly a magical place. I was mesmerized and in disbelief that I was actually at Versailles once I walked in. There really is no place like it, the golden gates look like the gates of heaven. Versailles is just so grand and majestic, no words to describe just how beautiful it is. Just remember to bring comfortable shoes, it requires a lot of walking unless you rent a golf car. Also, spend the entire day in Versailles it's worth it. 
Here's my schedule for day five in Paris (Tues):
-Woke up early to meet Margaux from 
Sézane. You can see my post here.
-Took the bus to go to Versailles, trip took about 40 minutes or so. 
-Had breakfast at a restaurant next to the metro. We both ordered a salmon plate with toast and my friend ordered the escargot on the side. 
-Walked to Versailles and purchased our tickets, the ticket we purchased had access to everything and definitely worth every euro spent.
Château de Versailles is stunning. Went into the palace and my jaw dropped. Each room was unique and gorgeous, you have the see it for yourself. 
- Walked to Jardin de Versailles - breathtaking is an understatement. There are a couple of gardens and they're all beautiful. Take a moment to take it all in. 
-Left the garden and walked towards to the Latona fountain. There's so many fountains to discover you really need to take your time and wander around.
-While walking to Marie-Antoinette's Estate we found a perfect spot to rest and take photos. Perfectly lined trees with a hint of fall. How are all the trees so green and perfect? I also spotted sheep!!
-Spent about 6-7 hours at Versailles wandering around and admiring all of its beauty. So stunning, you must go to Versailles when visiting Paris. 

-One thing I regret is that I didn't go to the Grand Trianon, we got exhausted from walking around but I suggest going there. It's next to Marie-Antoinette's Estate. 
-Went back to the Eiffel Tower, our last night in Paris before saying goodbye the next day.
-My friend got a hot dog and we found a spot to sit down and watch the iron lady sparkle one last time. Perfect way to end the night.
-We decided to go to L'As du Fallafel for dinner to wrap up the night, but the whole street was closed because it was a Jewish holiday. 
-Went to a restaurant next to the metro and headed back to our apartment.

All in all, my first trip to Paris was amazing! I want to visit next time I find a husby, it really is the city of love. I wish I had more time to discover Paris and will definitely be back, hopefully soon!

Here are some places I wish I went to but didn't have a chance to:
-wander around Le Marais 
-wander around 10th arrondissement
-go back to Versailles and go to Grand Trianon
-Latin Quarter
-go up to the top of Notre Dame

A big thank you to my friend Gina and Georgianna for the list of recommendations and a big big thank you to my friend Sarah for being the best traveling buddy. Thanks Sarah for taking my photos :) Paris is really magical and hope that if you have a chance to visit you'll fall in love with Paris as I did. So much love for the people and city of Paris. Paris you have my heart. Je t'aime Paris. 

Love, Sharon


  1. Stunning photos, the Versailles looks so beautiful! X

  2. Great photos!! The weather looks perfect.

    We just got back from London/Paris & can't wait to blog about it!

    xo, B&K

  3. Versailles is truly beautiful. I've been there twice now but haven't got the chance to properly explore the garden as it is massive! Next time I'm there, I'll definitely do that. Sounds like a nice ending to your Paris trip! :)

  4. The architecture is breath taking! :)

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Hope you will find love soon and visit again!