Flay Lay Tips

I was meaning to have this post up earlier, but procrastination got the best of me. I often get asked for flat lay tips so I thought I'd share some tips. 

Some rules that I follow by:
- always take photos in natural light, preferably in the morning
- when taking photos I usually like to take it on cloudy days. cloudy days = no shadows, sunny days = shadows.
- have a white background, think of it as a blank canvas (you don't necessarily have to but I prefer to have a white background to let the items I have stand out) 

Pick a theme and color palette.
When thinking of a flat lay photo, I think of a theme and items I can place that'll be harmonious with one another. For example, if I'm doing a beauty post like the one pictured above I think of a color palette. Since the color palette is pink, I place items that'll balance one another. I sometime include flowers in my photos for a finishing touch. For ootd flat lay posts, I typically use the same rule of thumb. As you can tell from my photos, my favorite color palettes include pink, black, white, and grey.

Make it stick.
I bet some of you are wondering how everything stays still without rolling around. It's a quick fix, it's tape. Sometimes I don't need tape and sometimes I do if it's not staying in place. Voila. 

Play around, think of it as tetris.
I used to play tetris a lot when I was in school which probably explains why I'm a perfectionist when it comes to taking flat lay photos. Everything must align and fit perfectly - same space in between each item and if one thing looks off  I'll figure out what it is before I post. I'm not saying every photo is perfect, because it certainly isn't but it captures my aesthetic. I want my photos to have the look that only I can create, where people can identify it's my photo. 

Don't copy & paste.
Instagram has changed a lot from when I first started. There are countless instagram users that have amazing photos, but what sets each apart is how unique and different they are. Sadly, I see so many accounts recreating and styling photos to look identical to mine. Creativity and authenticity is what sets different instagram accounts and photos, and I hope that people can see the difference between inspiration and imitation. In the long run, it's creativity that sets you apart :) So have fun and don't let the number of followers or likes be your goal. Be authentic.

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Love, Sharon


  1. Why didn't I think of tape!! So simple...I'm always struggling with items rolling out of place. Great post! Thanks!!

    ~ Krisztina

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your flat lays are my very favorite.

    xx, Taylor | www.thestyledpress.com

  3. How did you edit these photos? Thanks!!

    -Pierpaolo :)

  4. Such great tips! And I just went back and read your previous post about growing instagram. All such great advice. Thank you! ♡
    xx Taylor | www.mycupofchic.com | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  5. There's no way that they can recreate your flatlays, you have such a unique style! Thanks for sharing your tips babe X

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  6. Thank you for your tips. Which camera do you use for your flatlays?

  7. Thank you for the great tips! What camera do you use for your flatlays?
    You have a unique style, love it!

    N, xoxo. |  https://nljuljduraj.blogspot.com

  8. Really useful and easy to follow tips! Natural light and sticking to a colour palette really help me also x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Love this. I'm quite new to blogging, and so flat lays and I've been wondering how to improve mine!

    - Natalie

  10. This is genuinely so helpful. I feel a fool to have not thought about using tape! That's definitely something I'm going to start doing. I also would never copy as originality is definitely key, I find it frustrating when people copy.
    The Pale Tails
    - Beckie x

  11. This is such a helpful post, I'm always trying to nail the flatlay. Now I just need to work at my Instagram too!

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

  12. Thank you for your tips!


  13. These flatlays are beautiful oh my god such precision! Very inspiring!

    The Makeup Directory

  14. Really great tips and tricks! :)

  15. These are some great tips! You really are the queen of the flatlay - if my images look even half as good as yours I'd be happy!

    Lynnsay x

  16. These are such useful tips! I struggle so much with flatlays so this will definitely help xx

    Phoebe & Abida

  17. Thank you for these tips , they're very helpful as taking flat lay pictures is something I struggle with. xx

  18. Thank you for your tips! I will try them out.
    Your photos look amazing <3


  19. You flatlays are so beautiful! No wonder people want to imitate your style :) I think it's all in the practice and picking up the knack and an eye for it xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

  20. These are great tips, your photos are always beautiful. I use torn up bits of kitchen roll to stop things rolling away - not glamorous but needs must!

    Rhi xx

  21. I have never thought of tape, but that sounds like a good idea ^_^ Thank you for the tips, I am trying to step up my game!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  22. Hi! I've nominated you for a blogger recognition award! Head over to my blog to read more about the award: https://withlove.blog/2017/01/25/blogger-recognition-award-nomination/

  23. Soooo helpful,your flatlays are the best!

  24. Great tips!!! I recently started thinking about posting some flat lay pictures and these tips will come in very handy. I also noticed you are from the NOVA area me too hope to bump into you one day :)

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