La La Land

Hello La La Land! Day three of LA was spent at Griffith Observatory, Arts District, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo. Probably my favorite day in LA because the weather was amazing and I discovered parts of LA I've had on my list for awhile.

Schedule for day three:
-Ordered room service and had breakfast at the Line before heading to our first destination ... Griffith Observatory! Last time I came in September it took over an hour to get there when it should've taken only 15 minutes because there was a concert, but I got there right when it opened at 10am this time and there was no traffic. Yay! Amazing view of LA but didn't get to go to the top because it opened at 12pm, but still enjoyed walking around and the incredible scenery.
-Spent about an hour before heading to get coffee at Document Coffee in Ktown before checking out and checking into our airbnb.
-Checked into airbnb and went to Cafe Gratitude in Arts District. Wow, this place is so good. I still dream about this place - it's vegan but doesn't taste vegan at all. I love this place and would go back just to eat this. They have a pretty heart wall in front!
-Headed to Chinatown afterwards, which was deserted when I got there. There were only a couple of people around, maybe I came at an odd hour? I did get there around 4pm or so. I walked around and snapped some photos before heading to Daiso in Little Tokyo Galleria
-My sister and I shopped at Daiso before grabbing dinner at Shojin. At first I was hesitant because I never had vegan "sushi" or ramen, but wow it blew my mind. I have a dairy allergy so when I checked yelp for food around Little Tokyo, Shojin popped up. It had amazing reviews so my sister and I tried their dynamite roll 2.1, spicy ramen revolution, and raspberry mousse for dessert. Yum! They have a vegan cafe called Pomegranate which I wish I could've gone to. Probably one of my favorite meals in LA!
-Walked back to our airbnb and watched Chronicles of Narnia before going to sleep.

Last LA post will be up shortly!

Love, Sharon


  1. The pics looks lovely!
    I love going to Chinatown and Little Tokyo. :)

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