24 Hours In Iceland

Iceland has always been on my bucket list and I finally had a chance to take a trip to this majestic place. There truly is no place like Iceland - it felt like a dream. Everywhere you look is breathtaking and I can't wait to take another trip to Iceland. People are very friendly and speak English (a plus!). I was also amazed that their literacy rate is 99%! 

It's really difficult to capture Iceland with your camera so I would suggest you take a mental photo of everything. Luckily, I was blessed with good weather and the sun was shining when I landed. My friend Jane and I decided to start our day right away after we got off the plane. We had a jam packed schedule of things to do before our flight the next day to Paris. Below are some of my tips and places in the Golden Circle (perfect when you're short on time) I suggest going to if you're in Iceland.

-Rent a car! Iceland is easy to navigate and you can always go at your own pace instead of going on a tour bus. 
-Wear boots (preferably waterproof), I bought mine from Sorel and they were my life saver when walking to the waterfalls and icy parts of Iceland. 
-Living costs in Iceland is costly because they import their goods and food can be quite expensive. However, contrary to what a lot of people say, I think their food is delicious. Also, for some reason Thai restaurants seem to be popular in Iceland? I passed by several Thai restaurants and was surprised to see so many, but I would first look up some reviews before stopping by one. I went to one right next to my hotel and didn't enjoy my food. 
-You don't need to rent wifi, instead enjoy the scenery and upload photos later. They have wifi at gas stations, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. 
-Go to Bonus, it's supposed to be the cheapest place to get water and everyday goods. They have multiple locations and you'll probably pass by a couple, it's a huge pink pig with the sign Bonus. Sadly I didn't get to stop by but all their markets are nice and clean. 
-You may smell hints of rotten egg when washing up, but don't worry it's the sulfur in the water. It actually does wonders for your skin but don't drink it! 
-Never thought I would share Justin Bieber's music video but it gives a glimpse of Iceland's beauty. Watch the video here.

What to see:
-Skogafoss ... my favorite waterfall by far. Pictured in the first couple of photos with the rainbows! I suggest climbing up to the top. There are stairs to the right where you can see a stunning view from up top.
-Seljalandsfoss, another stunning waterfall. You can actually hike behind the waterfall and it's also where Justin Bieber filmed his music video along with Skogafoss. Next to this waterfall is a secret waterfall. Sadly, my photos are a bit blurry so I didn't post, but it's majestic as well. 
-Gullfoss, this waterfall took my breath away. Just look at how massive and majestic it is! I would love to visit again in the summer. 
-Geysir, the hot spring erupts about every 10 minutes but it's worth stopping by for. It's close to Gullfoss so I would recommend coming here if you're going to Gullfoss. 
-Horses!!! Probably my favorite part of the trip, seeing healthy, beautiful horses roaming around. Stop by and snap some photos if you have a chance. 

What to eat:
-Fridheimar, a popular spot known for its tomato soup. A cute, greenhouse restaurant where you can firsthand see the tomatoes while eating their delicious food. Their bread and picked cucumber is delicious!
-Sorry I don't have anything else to recommend because I only ate at Fridheimar and at a Thai restaurant (which was a bad idea).

-Thingvellir National Park
-Northern Lights (we couldn't see it because it was cloudy, you can only see it on a clear night)
-Kerid Crater
-Blue Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Laugarvatn Fontana
-Black Sand Beach

Love, Sharon

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  1. Wow! Iceland is beautiful. :)
    Great tips and tricks!