Favorite Cafes & Eats In Paris

I wish I found this spot my first trip in Paris - oh my I love this place! Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl) posted Season on her IG story and it looked amazing! I have a dairy allergy so to play it safe I looked for vegan options in Paris, and was surprised at how many options there actually are. It's located conveniently in Le Marais (3rd arr.) which is my second favorite area after Montmartre. You can check their website here and instagram here. I would recommend their matcha latte and matcha bowl, their acai bowl looks amazing as well! Oh, and the avocado toast with poached egg and salmon is delicious as well. Their interior is also beautifully designed, can't say enough how much I love this place. 

This place was also on my list to visit since my first trip to Paris, but didn't have a chance to go until the second time around. I thought it would be just a hype after seeing endless instagram snaps, but wow, I can see why this place is such a popular spot. There are seats in the front and towards the back, I sat in the back next to the bookcases. Everything was fresh and delicious, will be back again for the OJ and bagel with smoked salmon. You can also go shopping inside Merci, a concept store that luckily when I went had a flower pop up shop. So many cool and unique finds, definitely worth a visit! Also, located in 3rd arr.! 

What a gem! Ob-La-Di is tucked away in a quiet street in Le Marais, a perfect spot to get away from the touristy spots in Paris. Last time I tried to go here, it was closed. They're only open from Wed-Sunday. This has to be my favorite spot in Paris to grab brunch or coffee. I was blown away by how amazing their almond latte was. It's a tiny cafe so make sure to either get there early or go when it's not too busy, because there will be a wait. I believe this is an Australian cafe, which reminded me of Bluestone Lane in NYC. Australians know how to perfect brunch and coffee! Also located in 3rd arr. aka the best area to find great eats.

You can't go to Paris and not stop by here at least once. Yes, a tourist trap but also a classic. I would suggest you get here early and grab a table in the front so you can munch and people watch. I've been lucky the past two times I was here and was able to grab a table up front. I always order their freshly squeezed orange juice, so good! The food is a bit overpriced, but you're in Paris! Enjoy the ambiance and order a croissant (cliche yes) but they do run out of their croissants if you come after 2pm. You can check the menu here on their website. Located in 6th arr.

Another spot I couldn't go the first time in Paris because it was too crowded. A popular spot to grab a bite to eat and drinks. I got a green smoothie and my friend got a matcha chocolate chip cookie and green tea, amazing! They have this fun place mat that has questions which my friend and I asked each other and answered. Perfect place to sit down after a long day, they also a bookstore next door! It's located right across from Notre Dame in 4th arr. Check their website here.

Wonderful spot for coffee! Wish I could've eaten here as well, but didn't have time and stopped by here after Season. Love the photographs hanging on the wall and the cool magazines including DRIFT on their shelves. Stop by Fringe Coffee if you're looking for good coffee, I'll be back! Located in 3rd arr. 

Yes, a bit overpriced but I really enjoyed their tea while sitting in Jardin du Palais Royal. Conveniently located in Jardin du Palais Royal where there are other spots to eat and a wonderful place to sit and people watch. You can also walk to Palais Royal and take photos there. Maison Kitsune also has a variety of drinks and desserts! You can also stop by their shop, here are some locations. Located in 1st arr.

Hope this was helpful and hopefully you can stop by one of these places I recommended and enjoy it as much as I did!

Love, Sharon


  1. Beautiful pictures. What camera do you use?

  2. The food and drinks looks delicious!
    Great post and recommendations. :)

  3. This makes me miss Paris so much. It was such a magical place!

    Ashley | The Honey Scoop