Tulip Fields

A couple of days ago after coming back from Canada I drove to Haymarket to visit Burnside Farms. What a hidden gem in Virginia! I've lived in Virginia all my life and never once heard of this place, but my sister recently discovered it and showed me photos. Peak of tulip season passed due to the rising temperatures, but I went regardless to see it myself. I say this all the time, but pictures don't do justice! My sister and I picked tulips, but there are also daffodils to pick as well. People who work here are also very sweet, which is another reason to come back. Have you ever visited Burnside Farms? Next year I'm hoping to go to the poppy festival in California! 

Love, Sharon


  1. what a dream! i need to come here

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Tulips are my faves! x

    Millie | www.bymillie.co.uk

  3. I wish there were a nice place like this one near where I live! Love your blog and instagram! xo

    Souma | www.soumasworldblog.blogspot.fr

  4. The flowers are beautiful! Great pictures. :)