Wanderlust With Skintimate

Thanks to Skintimate Shave Gel for sponsoring this post.

Sun’s out, legs out! I’ve partnered with Skintimate® to share my tips on how I keep my legs smooth and moisturized during the hot, summer months while traveling. Skintimate® was actually the first shave gel I picked up when I realized my legs were no longer hairless once puberty hit. Shaving is one of those things that I dread, but it’s always satisfying once I see how smooth my legs look. I’m guilty of using a body wash or bar soap from time to time when in a rush, but it’s not the same as using a shave gel. I seem to always miss a spot, but with Skintimate® I never miss a spot. I can see exactly where I’m shaving when using it - no do-overs required. When traveling, I bring Skintimate® with me. After a long flight, my skin thirsts for moisture. I like to make sure that my skin is moisturized, because the last thing I want is flaky skin on vacation! My skin tends to be on the sensitive, dry side and my skin loves this shave gel. I like to switch it up with the Raspberry Rain scent, it smells so good.

During the hot summer months I like to flaunt my legs and last thing I want to worry about is that I missed a spot. Especially while traveling or out and about, I feel confident knowing my legs look great without having to double check my legs. Have you tried Skintimate® shave gel? For more info, check out their Facebook page!

Love, Sharon

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