Charming City of Old Quebec

I'm about a month late posting my trip from Canada, but I thought I would share some snapshots from Quebec City. I only took one photo with my DSLR when I was in Toronto so sadly I don't have any photos to share from my Toronto trip. I didn't know what to expect visiting Quebec City, but did some last minute research before boarding the plane. I went to Quebec with my family when I was younger, but this time around I went with just my sister. Honestly, I underestimated Canada's chilly weather and was in for a surprise when I landed in Quebec City. It snowed a week before so parts of Old Quebec was covered in snow. You can't tell by just looking at my photos, but I couldn't feel my face or fingers while wandering around. But I still have to admit...Old Quebec is still charming and beautiful as I imagined it to be. I booked my tickets after watching Goblin, which is a popular Korean drama that filmed some episodes in Old Quebec. If you watched Goblin you'll be able to spot some places they filmed in my photos. A lot of locals that I spoke to actually knew about the drama to my surprise. I was hoping that the weather would clear up but next time I'll be prepared and plan a trip in the summer or fall. I'm planning to go back and hopefully go to Vancouver and Montreal next! Thank you to everyone who left a comment and sent me a DM with recommendations while I was in Canada! 

What to see and eat:
-Cafe Saint Henri, amazing coffee and aesthetic! First couple of photos are from here.
-Basilique Cathedrale Notre Dame, a small but beautiful church in Old Quebec.
-Quartier Petit Champlain, cutest little town with adorable shops.
-Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel - stunning.
-Plains of Abraham
-La Boutique de Noel, Christmas all year round!
-Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons, such a beautiful view of Old Quebec. 
-Sushi Samurai, affordable sushi buffet in Old Quebec
-Aquarium du Quebec, perfect place to go on a rainy day
-Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec, a local farmers market. Buy the pasta and sauce there from the Italian shop! 
-Maison de la Litterature, coolest and aesthetic pleasing library. Come here on a rainy day!
-Paillard, oh my - just amazing! A must place to go eat when in Old Quebec.
-Post office, I went to the post office and sent myself a postcard
-Go shop at the local shops! They have adorable souvenirs to bring back home. Also bring back some yummy maple syrup.
-Poutine. People recommended Cochon Dingue. I have a dairy allergy so I didn't really get to experience authentic poutine.  

Other recommendations:
-Galeries de la Capitale, shopping mall with an ice skating rink
-Observatoire de la Capitale, view of the city from up top!

Love, Sharon


  1. Wow! Very beautiful. Great recommendations too. :)

  2. All my Goblin feels come back to me... Such a beautiful place.