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This place is amazing! If I were to ever move to NYC, this would probably be one of the reasons why. Homecoming has a variety of pastries and drinks available, their iced lattes were delicious and just what I needed after walking around Brooklyn. It's also a one stop shop if you're looking for flowers, plants, and home goods! 

I came across this coffee shop after wandering around Brooklyn. Upstate Stock sells home goods and gifts, as well as apparel! I got their iced hibiscus tea but would love to try their pastries and coffee next time I'm in the area. 

Greenwich Village is the spot to go to for brunch! There are a couple of Australian cafe's including Bluestone Lane and Banter, but one reason why I love Banter is because it's across the street from Sweets by Chloe. I ordered the chia pudding and avocado toast - yum! 

Ok I was a bit skeptical going to by Chloe because all of the hype, but I now believe. They have multiple locations but I stopped by their SoHo location after shopping. Everything on the menu is vegan, but you wouldn't even know because it tastes that good. I shared the guac burger, fries, and quinoa taco salad with my sister. I dream about this place sometimes. Sweets by Chloe is also a vegan dessert place - amazing. Because of my dietary restrictions, this place is like a dream come true. 
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