Treat Yourself Wonderful With Godiva

Everyone needs a pick me up to get through the day or just a treat yourself wonderful moment. What better way than to indulge with Godiva’s iconic belgian chocolates? In spirit of Thanksgiving I thought these iconic Gold Discovery Collection chocolates were perfect for the occasion. I love the brush of gold on the chocolates and variety of assortment that I know the person gifted will be able to enjoy. My favorite chocolate has always been the hazelnut praline because it brings me back to my childhood when my sister and I would go pick up sweets from Godiva when we were having sweet cravings - a perfect, bite sized, treat yourself moment! What better way than to treat yourself than decadent chocolates? I’ll be sharing these with people I cherish and share a good time enjoying this tasting journey together.

Love, Sharon

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  1. I am so inspired by your life style, and i love seeing the photos that you take, you have such an amazing talent, wishing you the best