Chicago City Guide

Yum! Found so many amazing eats while in Chicago! I would have to say Chicago is a foodie's heaven and has a variety of choices for people who have dietary restrictions like myself. One of the million reasons why I love Chicago! After landing in Chicago and heading straight to our airbnb, my sister and I searched on yelp places to go eat. I got a couple of recommendations from locals while shopping and have to say I met the right people, because their suggestions didn't disappoint. 

Here are a few of spots I would say to check out while in Chicago:
-Le Colonial, french vietnamese food, give it a try! My sister said this was her favorite place during her Chicago visit and recommends the pho. 
-Eataly, came back again after coming for the first time when I visited Chicago and ordered the same thing I did 2 years ago - squid ink pasta and spaghetti.
-Mott St., came here for brunch but sadly was limited due to my dairy allergy. The kimchi fried rice was amazing though.
-Ramen Wasabi, would have to say this is in my top ten favorite foods I've ever had
-En Hakkore 2.0, came here twice, yum! I recommend their savory poke bowl and spider man taco (soft shell crab)
-Dove's Luncheonette, located right across from Stan's Donuts and La Colombe in Wicker Park - perfect trio. Came here for brunch and even the simplest dish is bursting with flavors and just puts you in a good mood with the 60s and 70s vibe. 
-Stan's Donuts, the famous donut shop and I can see why. 

Other suggestions (I didn't get to try):
-Do-Rite Donuts

I wouldn't call myself a coffee snob because I don't drink it black, but I do love a good latte. When I visited Chicago it was in the 30s and 40s which wasn't too bad, considering Chicago dips below to negative degrees. It actually snowed one day while we were there, but not enough to stop us from walking around all day. Coffee and tea are always a good excuse to stay warm and take pit stops while walking around, and of course to charge your phone. I completely forgot to take my DSLR, but it worked out because I was able to relax and not worry about taking photos constantly. I apologize in advance for the low quality photos, all photos were taken with my iPhone. 

Anyways, here are some coffee and tea shops I recommend!
-Werewolf Coffee Bar, charcoal lattes!! Came here twice during my stay.
-Wormhole Coffee, amazing vegan donuts and coffee
-La Colombe, no words necessary.
-Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, has a variety of coffee and food - seems popular but to be honest it didn't meet my expectations. However, I would go again and try their latte.
-Ipsento, stopped by for tea after eating and loved the atmosphere.
-Cafe Integral, stopped by for tea in between shopping.
-Volumes Bookcafe, cute bookstore that also serves coffee. 

So many adorable local shops and I fell in love with some of the concept stores such as Gather Home & Lifestyle and Bow & Arrow. Aesthetic on point, love every detail and you can tell there was a lot of love and thought going into making their store. If you love anything and everything French, you need to stop by P.O.S.H., which made me nostalgic of my first trip to Paris. A fun card store I stopped by Steel Letter Press, an urban letterpress boutique with cards for every occasion. I found cool stickers to place on my luggage from Kokorokoko, where you can find vintage finds from the 80s and 90s. A cool shop I found while walking in Wicker Park was Reckless Records, where my sister found a used Michael Buble Christmas CD for $3.99. I don't know but growing up in the 90s, I always have a soft spot for physical CDs. I would have to say my favorite shop would have to be surprisingly Bloomingdale's Home store located on N Wabash Ave. So beautifully decorated and carries all of my favorite brands, and I met a sweet man who worked there that gave me tips of what to do in Chicago. 

No trip to Chicago is complete without viewing Chicago from up high at 360 Chicago, which I preferred over Skydeck in Willis Tower. You can also see views at their lounge instead of purchasing a ticket. Such a stunning view of Chicago, I went around 4:15pm and watched the sunset until 5:30pm when all you could see were city lights. 360 Chicago is located on N Michigan Ave. (Magnificent Mile) where there are shops lined up, it's a one stop shop if you're in the mood for shopping. A lot of upscale shops and dining, as well as landmarks to visit. Millenium Park is a perfect place to go as well if you want to take a photo at the Bean and go ice skating.

Hope this city guide was of some help and hopefully I can visit Chicago again next year! Definitely one of my favorite cities.

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Love, Sharon

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