Fall In Film

A peek into my life through film. I recently wanted to get into film as I've been feeling a bit nostalgic of my childhood days when my dad would drop off film at Costco to develop photos. I'd eagerly wait for the day we picked up the photos. Coming to think about it, I think my passion for photography started with my dad's old film camera. He'd always take photos of our family trips and milestones with his bulky Fuji camera.

Fast forward to September and I found myself researching film cameras. I took the leap and bought a Nikon last month. I took some photos throughout the week to capture moments with friends and family. It truly does feel like Christmas, because you just don't know what you'll get when taking film photos. The last photo is one of my favorite photos although it's blurry. It's a photo of my grandma's hand, my sister, and I. Time seems to be fleeting these days and these photos are a reminder to enjoy the time I have now.

Stay tuned for film photos from my Europe trip! I'll be having my Amsterdam trip up soon.

Love, Sharon

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