My Beauty Picks

My beauty shelf got new friends over the past couple of weeks. Sephora currently has their sale so I've been stocking up on some of my favorites. Now that I'm now in my 30's (yay!) I decided to be even more conscious of what I'm putting on my face and what ingredients are in my products. Sadly, my blemishes are still here, but I'm learning to better manage stress and my eating habits. I've been taking supplements from HUM nutrition that have helped improve my skin and sleeping, the ones I've been taking are: Mighty Night, Big Chill, and Skin Squad

Few things I'd recommend:
Saturday Skin Eye Cream (this lasted me awhile)
Saturday Skin Essence (lost track of how many I went through)
Saturday Skin Toner (loving this so far!)
Saturday Skin Peel Gel (the only exfoliator that works on my sensitive skin)
Glossier Bubblewrap (works as both a lip balm and eye cream)
Glossier Balm Dotcom (love the rose scent)
L'eau Sezane (this scent reminds me of Paris!)
Ouai Shampoo & Conditioner (love this smell)
Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color (I use this on my lids and waterline, love this!)
Bobbi Brown Lip Tint (super moisturizing and love the slight tint)
Bobbi Brown Brush (my favorite brush)
Nars Blush or 3CE Blush (always a go-to)
Laura Mercier Powder (the best setting powder)
Verb Hair Oil (I've been using this for awhile and love it)
Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream (love this, currently my favorite!)
Fresh Black Tea Body Lotion (smells amazing, luxe body cream)
Fresh Black Tea Mask (works well with my acne prone, sensitive skin)
Glow Recipe Eye Mask (I use this at night)
Glow Recipe Toner (smells like watermelons - yum!)
Bioderma Lip Balm (affordable and smells so good, also keeps your lips super moisturized)
Bioderma Hand Cream (my go to hand cream)
JML Orange Blossom Candle (my favorite scent)
JML Lime & Basil Body Creme (such a light and fresh scent to wear)
JML Orange Blossom Body Lotion (perfect for spring and summertime)
JML Orange Blossom Cologne (can you tell this is my favorite? I'm on my second bottle now)
Ole Henriksen Moisturizer (I always come back to this)
Mugwort Sheet Mask (calms my breakouts and rosacea)
TIMY Cleansing Duo (this really has transformed my skin I can't live without it)
Necessaire Body Lotion (love this because it's fragrance free and light without the harsh ingredients)

I've been looking for new hair products since I've been noticing that my hair has been dry and in need of moisture. I was able to get my hands on the Gisou mini collection before it sold out and tried out the products the past week and am so far loving it. I'll be repurchasing the full size products soon! I'm also a big fan of Trader Joe's tea tree shampoo and Kerastase

Any beauty products you've been loving at the moment?

Love, Sharon