Come What May

Just like that, another month has passed. I really enjoyed the weather this month, but not the allergies that came with it. My allergies have been the worst this season, but it's been nice to see the peonies in my backyard bloom. I was able to snip some of them and put them in my living room. Does anyone else have seasonal acne? Because I find my skin flaring up even more when the season changes. My skin has not been happy lately.

On a happy note, over memorial weekend I grilled on the deck with my family and baked new desserts. I also found a quiet spot and had a picnic on Monday, which was probably one of my happiest moments from this year. The weather was perfect - cloudy with a perfect breeze and the sun peeked out later when Lulu went for a swim in the lake.

I hope everyone found ways to stay positive during this time. One thing I always look forward to in the morning is making iced latte in the morning and making my oatmeal bowl. I also started jotting down my thoughts in a journal and it has helped clear my mind.

Also, a big happy birthday to my friend Jane! Miss you lots and can't wait to celebrate when you come back to the States!

Love, Sharon


  1. Where did you get your picnic blanket ? And what book are you reading in the picture with the oatmeal bowl?

    1. I got my picnic blanket last year from Joanna Gaines collection with Target (Hearth & Hand Magnolia). The book is a QT book I've been reading in the mornings :)