Little Reminders

July went by so quickly and I'm glad it did because this heat has made me wishing summer was over. Quarantine has got me feeling uninspired, but I slowly started taking outfit posts because I was getting jaded taking photos of the same thing. I've been loving this floral dress, which has the right amount of poof on the sleeves. Few things that have kept me preoccupied were designing new phone cases, reading Harry Potter (currently on book 4), baking banana bread, and enjoying small picnics with friends. I've put pause on traveling at the moment but I have two mini trips coming up that are about a hour or two away. 

I think quarantine has refocused my priorities and reminded me to enjoy the moment. Before the pandemic, I would constantly be traveling aimlessly, traveling just to travel. I just wanted to get away and travel as much as my body would allow me to. It's been nice to just sit down at home and enjoy simple things like an iced latte or cooking a new recipe that I found for my family or loved ones. I realized I haven't been taking care of my body, which showed through my skin and health condition. I was always tired from traveling. I've been learning to let my body rest and take some time to refocus.

Hope everyone's continuing to stay healthy and please - wear a mask.

Love, Sharon 


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