Last Bits of Summer

I spent the last bits of summer having mini vacations with my family and boyfriend, which has been a nice change of pace after being home for so long. This summer has been a hot one, and I am glad that the weather is starting to cool down. Fall is just around the corner and I'm ready to embrace the change fall brings. I don't think I've ever been on so many picnics until the pandemic hit, which has also brought out the chef in me. 

I decided to book this cute airbnb to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the countryside. It did not disappoint, it was still close enough to cute coffee shops, wineries, and restaurants. I always find myself more at peace and happier when I'm away from the city, just enjoying what mother nature has to offer. I'm hoping that I can have my own garden in my future home and plant my favorite veggies, fruits, and flowers. August has surprisingly been a good month and I can't wait for the upcoming month! My friend Eunice got engaged over the weekend and we were able to have a small celebration, congratulations Shimey!

What I've been reading:
Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller (reading this probably the third or fourth time)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (yes still on book 4...)

What I've been watching:
Okay my boyfriend got me into kungfu movies. I watched Ip Man 1-4 on netflix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 1 (again) and 2. Ip Man is about Bruce Lee's teacher and about his life - surprisingly really good. 

What I've been loving:
Necessaire Body Lotion and Hand Cream (my hands have been super dry from hand sanitizers and frequently washing my hands and I love that this is fragrance free. Their entire line is really good I bought the entire set because I loved the body lotion so much)
Good (Skin) Days Vitamin C (the only vitamin c that actually works for my skin. seriously you need to give this a try!)
Misugaru (this is the powder I use and mix it with almond milk, honey, and ice. so so good and healthy!) Here's the recipe I use.
My childhood friend Anne came back, two of my friends are pregnant, and one of my friends gave birth this month!

What I've been cooking:
Different kinds of banchan, mayak eggs, chicken soup, and mostly korean recipes

Here is the airbnb I stayed at!
If you haven't booked yet on airbnb, here's up to $65 your first booking!

Love, Sharon

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