Home Sweet Home

Since it's been a couple of months now that I've moved into my newlywed home with my husband, I thought I'd share snippets of my space! It's been a fun journey decorating the space and making it feel like ours. We didn't get to view our house until a couple days before moving in so we decided to hold off on buying furniture until we saw how much space we were actually working with. I quickly realized photos online are deceiving because they often use wide angle lens after looking at a couple of homes. Luckily, the house is a perfect size for our family of three (three as in our fur baby). I thought I would answer some of your questions in this blog post about our first home!

Are you renting or buying?

We're currently renting our home, but hopefully have our own home in the near future. We're not in a rush to buy at the moment since things may change if opportunities come our way.

How would you describe your style? 

I think comfy and cozy with a touch of farmhouse and contemporary. My hope is that the space reflects us and that the house is filled with laughter and love. 

If possible, I would want to have a very minimalistic space. Japandi would be my ultimate end goal, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design. My husband will say that's impossible because I have too much "stuff".

Favorite spot in your house?

Honestly I spend most of my time in the living room and kitchen so I'd have to say those two spots are my favotite. What I love about this house is that there's so many windows and endless sunshine throughout the day. 

I never cooked until I met my husband and our love language is good food. I decided that I should learn how to cook because up until we were engaged he'd cook all our meals. The kitchen is our happy place and it makes me happy seeing someone I love enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Best purchase?

Definitely our bed frame from Thuma, which is definitely an investment but worth it. My husband has been eyeing it for awhile and when we moved into our home we decided it was perfect timing. We weren't sure if our nightstands would match our bed frame because of the differing wood stains, but luckily they compliment each other. I love that it has a built in charger so I don't have to worry about messy plugs. I also love our dining table and coffee table, which we both bought from Crate & Barrel Outlet. If there's a C&B Outlet nearby I'd definitely stop by and see what they have! I was searching for a black dining table and was so happy when I came across it. I've been obsessed with terrazzo print after walking into Maison Kitsune's store in Paris. They have this amazing staircase with terrazzo and everytime I look at the coffee table it reminds me of Paris. 

Advice for someone looking to decorate their home?

Trends come and go, find pieces that will work for you and that you truly love. I would love a white couch, but realistically it's not functional with a dog that sheds. Invest in good furniture so you don't have to constantly replace it after it breaks after a short time. I think I tried to finish decorating the house quickly, but I realized that rushing has left me with a space I wanted to constantly change. Some of my favorite items in the house are sentimental things like our first photo together, hand written notes, his & hers cups, books, and a good candle. Shelf gifted from Floyd, but honestly a brand I'd recommend because it's so easy to build and sturdy.

Love, Sharon

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