Best Day of My Life

Photos by Hannah Bjorndal

Best. Day. Ever. It was an amazing day filled with a lot of love, laughter, and joyous tears. In all honesty, it was better than I had imagined. We had so much fun and we both were able to enjoy this special day with close friends and family. It was an intimate wedding with less than fifty five people. We originally booked our date and venue before we got engaged (slightly crazy I know) with a small wedding in mind due to the pandemic. I originally planned to have at least a hundred people, but our wedding was perfect. I wasn't bridezilla (I promise, my bridesmaids even said so) thanks to Eric who told me to just have fun and just focus on us

Our wedding was so special because friends from out of state, close since high school and college were able to attend. My childhood friend Josh, who should've auditioned for American Idol, sang the hymn and special song during our ceremony. My pastor from a previous church I attended officiated our wedding. Pastor Silas was someone who's seen me through probably the most lowest of lows in my twenties, and I was so happy him and his wife, Youngji, mentored us during premarital counseling. He kept his promise to officiate my wedding after all these years and I'm so grateful for his guidance.

I've been a bridesmaid for five years consecutively for my friends, and I've always wondered when I'd find my happily ever after. Turns out he was living about four hours away on a dating app. It wasn't love at first sight, but with every passing minute I spent with him I loved his honesty, lame dad jokes, and how the couple of hours we spent together never felt enough. He was making me a better person without me even knowing it. My friends and family always joke how I now wake up before noon. To be fair, I used to be insomniac. Eric was hands on with wedding prep and built the gold welcome stand, sanded down the table number wood stands, and was readily available whenever I said "babeeeee" from the living room. I love you Eric and I promise to always have your back, laugh at your lame jokes, and sleep talk when I sleep.

To those who are wondering when they'll find the one, be patient and trust in God's timing. Many of you who've been following along may have known that I was single for about six years before meeting Eric. Sometimes things don't work out, but there's always something better out there that God has planned. 

A big thank you to our friends and family for your prayers, blessings, and thoughtful words as we start a new chapter as Mr. and Mrs. Kim. A big thank you to our vendors (the best!), our photographer Hannah and her husband, Jo Malone London team for scenting our wedding, Belvoir Fruit Farms for the lovely drinks, and Urban Stems for the last minute delivery of additional florals!

Love, Sharon

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  1. love the photos! looked like a beautiful wedding, congratulations! i've been following you since the beginning :)