Gift Guide for Him & Experiences

1. Keep him warm and cozy with this fleece jacket, this, or this one. My dad's a huge fan of this brand and loves this jacket I gifted him.
2. These cashmere gloves will keep him warm during the chilly months. If you want to be extra nice, these leather gloves are it.
3. I gifted these to my husband when we first started dating and he uses it everyday! I love this one as well. This card case is also perfect for the guy who doesn't like carrying much.
4. For the guy who likes a good pair of sneakers. I also like these boots, they elevate any outfit.
5. Supposedly all of my friend's husbands swear that this makes the best cup of coffee at home.
6. If your guy likes to cook, this air fryer lets you cook two things at a time.
7. For the guy who never charges his electronics throughout the day, this three in one charger is also the solution for those who dislikes messy cords.
8. Remind him to drink more water with this refillable water bottle.
9. My husband loves a good massage and this personal massager is compact, quiet, and relieves any tense areas. 

1. Give the gift of traveling / staycation / local experiences with this giftcard
2. Do you have friends, family, or couples you know that could use a break and have food delivered or prepared? I've used HelloFresh and Blue Apron and loved that all I had to do was follow the recipe. If you're more of a morning person, Daily Harvest has great smoothies when you need to make something fast and easy. DoorDash is perfect for the person who doesn't have time to cook and can grab a meal from their favorite restaurant!
3. Give the gift of creating your own scent! This is only available at certain locations, but you can create your own scent in store here.
4. Everyone could use a nice self care day. Give the gift of relaxation with a gift card to their favorite spa or nail salon for a mani/pedi.
5. Make your own wine with this kit!
6. I've never taken an online class, but thought it'd be a great gift for someone who wants to learn or try something new!
7. Give the gift of scavenger hunting! You can even customize it and it's available in almost all major cities!
8. For the adventurer, this annual pass allows you to visit the national parks! 

I hope this gift guide was helpful and gave you some ideas if you were stuck :)
Click here for gift guide for her!

Love, Sharon

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